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Before getting into the exact topic, lets look into the history of blog. This term blog has been the short form of a term named ‘weblog’. It was coined by Jorn Barger in the year 1977. Later, the word blog has been derived from it by Peter Merholz. Began as a “Web Log” and eventually termed as blog. It is a section in the internet where anybody who knew creating and publishing a web page can publish their own blog. It is a kind of website like a journal or diary or newsletter. The purpose of blogging can be numerous. Some do it as a passion and some do it for earning a bread and can be weekly or daily basis.


Those who have excellent communication and writing skills should definitely have an eye on this field. Because you can make it valuable. Your online identity can define you in fact by your contents. The reasonable facts which insist you that you should start blogging are stated below;

  1. Creating opportunities with our hands
  2. Ability to monetize
  3. To gain confidence
  4. To learn new skills
  5. Helps in attracting new clients
  6. Helpful for advertising your product.


Many of you gain cheerful audience after a year, some only after 2 years and some immediately after 1 or 2 works. It depends on the input you give. The entrepreneurs always depend on creating opportunities like blogging and advertising. But thinking of the initial budgets, its better to go with blogging rather than spending capital in advertisements. We can easily create ways with our bare hands. This method can vary according to the investment and capital interests.


This word sounds so pleasing to everyone and it is one of the reasons why you should definitely do blogging. Sitting in one place and getting monetized is a different experience. Just an internet facilitated laptop or computer is enough to blog. No other working hands are required, we can do it ourselves. The major details that are required to monetize your blog account includes account number, Bank name, IFSC code and branch. With these details you can proceed with your monetized account and create a beginning. Once you are done, then start publishing one blog a day or weekly four times. This can be done in a large scale where you employ few bloggers also. No matter how many people get involved with this, you definitely earn amount.


Once you get in touch with all the advantages, you will use it on a daily based hobby and start blogging faster. By this way, you can boost up your confidence which is essential for your future projects. The confidence you gain from this would never let you down and it provokes you even faster than any other thing. Its just like an immunity building up tip for all those who wanted to blog and those who are bloggers on their own.


Through the way of blogging, you can create opportunities which includes confidence and monetary benefits. They work out to help you to gain additional benefits but often termed as skill. Boosting up of confidence and monetizing is a great big deal in this present situation. Since you have overcome them, you will get used to it and develop it like a skill. These skills will be useful to you in the mere future when you happen to start up a business. By developing these skills, you can automatically gain kinship with your blog lovers.


Once you are up, then no one can lower you. But the major question is whether we can gather new clients. Many of them quit at this stage for receiving audience or clients. At this point, remember a fact that, mountains and rivers are not formed in one day. Even though you progress by getting monetized, spread your positivity and never leave in between the track. Because in a while you may reach your audience, but when they notice you quit, the whole process gets wasted. Remember that you will definitely get clients towards you but with lots and lots of confidence and efforts.


Selling your product doesn’t actually happen without your advertisements. Advertising thorough blogging is the easiest way to get into the track. Many successful advertisers initially opt this field once they gain clients or audience, they flourish it everywhere from nook to corner. This way, blogging is so compromising.


The above mentioned are not just facts, they are proven methods where many bloggers opened up. They also added that a regular watch on the response is also important but quitting should not be done.