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Blogging can generally be called as hobby, skill or work. Even though it is called by these names, it is often termed as a skill. A blogger in the budding stage is a definite blogger with a skill called blogging. Not only his/her skill defines their blogging arena, but also a best platform for blogging redefines it. So, we have to choose a best platform in such a way that there is an endless prosperity with your blogging and blogs. In order that, we must try googling up for the available platforms for blogging. In this article, you will get to know the available platforms for your blogging and at the end, choosing the right and best platform will be concluded.


The platforms available for blogging include:

  • Blogger
  • WordPress.com
  • Tumblr
  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • Medium
  • Jekyll
  • Joomla
  • Kajabi
  • Ghost
  • Type-pad
  • Squarespace
  • Silver-stripe CMS
  • WordPress.org
  • Contentful
  • Hubpages
  • Site123
  • Substack

These are the 18 blogging platforms that are available.


From the above listed blogging platforms, only few are free and so you may lose additional options and features which add to it. So, choose the one’s which you are exactly looking for and the best.

If your main goal is to definitely monetize your blogs, then look for those which would allow you to advertise and sell your products. Remember that, not all the blogging platforms can bring up profit to you. So, here are the platforms that can be monetized;

  • Medium
  • Blogger
  • Square-space
  • Tumblr
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Ghost
  • Kajabi



A multipurpose application that helps tackling all your blogging needs. It is a wide source where it helps you reach lot of readers and it keeps on increasing. Refer (www.medium.com)


This is one of the oldest free blogging platforms that help you once you create an account in order that you can use it further. Anyway, it is not for a professional use since it works on the basis of hosted platform.  Refer (www.blogger.com)


A free application that can be easily handled by the beginners as well. It is a user-friendly platform that can be handled from the front-end easily. Moreover, it is a free hosting source that enables the usage of variety of features. Refer (www.wix.com)


This application is unlike other blogging platforms in that the rest are designed for publishing purposes, but this platform involves social-media or multi-media based. People who tend to make more short contents like image based can use it. Refer (www.tumblr.com)


When you are looking for the platform ‘WordPress’ you will come across two different websites called WordPress.org and WordPress.com. These two are entirely different websites that need only less time to understand the differences. The major difference between them is the user who’s hosting the website.

 With WordPress.org you become the master i.e.) you get a chance to host your own blogging site. You can monetize your site and you can access the full control of your website.

With WordPress.com is entirely different i.e.) the site in turn cares all this for you which enables easier start-up but limited liberty. This platform allows partial free entry where you need to set up others on your own. The main disadvantage is that you cannot monetize your site. Moreover, if you don’t want to set your site for commercial purpose, you will have to pay a sum of around $8 / month.


Th most recommended platform for your blogging carrier is WordPress.org because it is easy to use, easy to install, search engine loves WordPress sites, you can have a control on your site, built-in designed model platform and all on a whole it’s  user-friendly.